Choosing A Wholesome Teacup Yorkie

Teacup Yorkies developed from breeding customary sized toy group Yorkshire Terriers. In some breedings a number of of the litter could be properly beneath the minimal weight vary, and these smaller puppies grew to become widespread as novelty kind canine.

The Teacup Yorkie is so named as a result of with their small measurement they have been, whilst adults, usually capable of match right into a teacup. Initially moral and respected Yorkie breeders merely saved these small canine as pet high quality, neutering or spaying them to stop them from reproducing.

Yorkie breeders usually is not going to use any feminine Yorkies in breeding packages if they’ve a mature weight of lower than 5 kilos, since there may be an elevated chance of being pregnant issues and the prospect of manufacturing very small and probably unhealthy puppies.

Some Yorkie breeders noticed potential marketplace for the very smallest of those Yorkie canine and began to aim to breed for smaller and smaller sizes. Whereas initially there have been critical issues with the well being of those miniature Yorkies, extra full breeding packages which are based mostly on growing wholesome Teacup Yorkies at the moment are accessible. These remains to be a substantial amount of controversy inside Yorkie breeders as to the moral breeding of those tiny Yorkie canine, and new house owners want to concentrate on this subject.

The essential bodily attributes well being Teacup Yorkie pet or grownup canine ought to have embrace:


The Teacup Yorkie ought to have a flat cranium on the highest, with no dome, and the muzzle must be brief reasonably than lengthy.

The chunk could be both scissor or degree, however there must be no overbite or underbite. The nostril and lips must be black and the eyes must be medium in measurement and darkish in shade.

The ears are V-shaped and carried erect. They shouldn’t be too far aside on the cranium, and will intensify the Teacup Yorkies face.


Headfall refers back to the lengthy hair on the pinnacle of the Teacup Yorkie. It must be a wealthy golden tan and be darker on the sides of the pinnacle, ears, and muzzle.

The tan shade shouldn’t lengthen down the again of the neck; reasonably this must be the darker physique shade.

Chest and legs

The chest and legs must be the golden tan shade, and must be wealthy wanting and never pale or washed out.

The chest must be proportionate to the size of the physique and shouldn’t be overly slender teacup pugs.


The physique is reasonably brief and really flat. The Teacup Yorkie shouldn’t seem frail.

The backline must be degree with the peak on the entrance shoulders being the identical as the peak on the hips.

Legs and ft

Each the entrance and rear legs must be straight with no delivering or out when considered from the entrance or again. Teacup Yorkies ought to look comparable to plain Yorkie canine.

The again legs can have a reasonable bend on the stifle when considered from the facet.

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